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Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: Xi'an Huiji Herb Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
Certification: USDA Organic/EU Organic/FDA/ISO/Kosher/Halal
Model Number: 100% Natural
Minimum Order Quantity: 5KG
Packaging Details: Foli Bag/ Paper Drum/Carton
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Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 50000KG
Detail Information
China Name: Stevia Extract English Name: Stevia / Stevioside Sigma
Known As: World's Third Sugar Source Production: China
Part Used: Leaf Test Method: HPLC
Appearance: White Powder Type: Flavoring Agents, Sweeteners
Solubility: Soluble In Water Ingredient: Stevioside, RA, RC
Application: Superfood,Sugar,Beverages, Condiments
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Food Additives Stevia Extract Powder


Stevioside Sigma

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100% Pure Stevia Extract Introduction

stevia extract is also known as stevioside. This plant is called Stevia Extract in China. It is a glycoside extracted from the leaves of Asteraceae. Stevia is native to China, and its sweet components are composed of stevioside and stevioside A, B, C, D and E glycosides.

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steviol glycosides extraction method: The extraction of stevioside is by soaking dried stevia leaves in water, filtering to separate the liquid from the leaves and stems, and further purifying it with water or food-grade alcohol. It is a traditional plant extraction method. Thus , a natural and extremely sweet sweetener, stevioside, which can be eaten daily but does not affect blood sugar levels.

There's a big difference between the stevia you buy at the grocery store and the stevia you may grow at home. Stevia products found on grocery store shelves, such as Truvia and Stevia in the Raw, don't contain whole stevia leaf. They're made from a highly refined stevia leaf extract.


China nameStevia Extract
English nameStevia/stevioside sigma
Known asworld's third sugar source
Solubilitysoluble in water
Appearancewhite powder
Part usedLeaf
IngredientStevioside, RA, RC
Place of OriginChina
Test MethodHPLC
TypeFlavoring Agents,Sweeteners
ApplicationSuperfood,sugar,beverages, condiments


Stevioside can be used as a flavor enhancer for the following products: stevioside and stevioside glycoside A can be used in ice cream and soft drinks; stevioside can be used to enhance the sweetness of sucrose chloride, aspartame and cyclamate; steviol glycosides and their salts It can be used to ripen fruits and vegetables; stevioside is added to foods, beverages or medicines as an aromatic flavor enhancer; it is used for food salt-free storage. Stevioside is used to make hard candy together with lactose, maltose syrup, fructose, sorbitol, maltitol and lactulose. Stevioside can be used to produce chewing gum and bubble gum, and can also be used to produce candy with various flavors, such as papaya, pineapple, guava, apple, orange, grape or strawberry flavored soft candy. Stevia can also be mixed with sorbitol, glycine, alanine, etc. for the production of cake flour. Because stevioside is heat stable, it is particularly suitable for this use. Various soft drinks, such as low-energy co la drinks, can also be sweetened by mixing stevioside and high fructose syrup. Stevioside can also be used in solid drinks, health drinks, liqueurs and coffee.

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Sucrose is a disaccharide with fructose and glucose as its main components. It is both a nutrient source and a supplier of heat energy. Residents of origin have been eating for hundreds of years, and no poison has been found so far. It has stable physicochemical properties and no fermentability, so it can extend the shelf life than sucrose products. Steviol glycosides have high sweetness, long duration and no browning, which is very conducive to maintaining the true color of beverages and foods.


As a plant calorie-free sugar substitute, stevioside is perfect for consumers who are looking for a pure natural calorie-free sweetener alternative for their healthy lifestyle balance and weight management plan. 
1. High security. Residents of the origin of Stevioside (China) have been eating for hundreds of years, and no poison has been found so far.
2. Low heating value. It is used to make low-calorie foods and beverages, and is very suitable for patients with diabetes, obesity and arteriosclerosis.
3. Stevioside is easily soluble in water and alcohol, and it is better to mix with sucrose, fructose, isomerized sugar, etc.
4. Stevioside is a non-fermentable substance, stable in nature, not easy to mold, will not change in the production of food, beverages, etc., and is easy to store and transport. Long-term consumption will not cause dental caries .
5. Stevioside tastes like sucrose, and has unique cool and sweet characteristics. Can be used to make flavored foods, candy, etc. It can also be used as a flavoring agent. Inhibit the peculiar smell and strange smell of certain foods and medicines, and replace suc.

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