How do you make fruit and vegetable powder?

September 24, 2020

Do you know the production process of #fruit and #vegetable juice and fruit and vegetable #powder?

Production process of fruit and vegetable juice

Requirements for raw materials: raw materials for processing fruit and vegetable juices require good flavor (sweet and sour) and aroma.

Taste: no peculiar smell; beautiful and stable color; suitable sugar-acid ratio, and can maintain these excellent qualities during processing and storage. It requires high juice yield and easy juice extraction. Although fruit and vegetable juice processing does not have strict requirements on the size and shape of the raw materials, it has strict requirements on the ripeness strength, and immature or overripe fruits and vegetables are not suitable. In addition, the raw materials of fruit and vegetable juice should be particularly fresh, free from mildew and rot.


Common juice raw materials include citrus, apple, pineapple, grapes, peaches, tropical fruits (guava, mango), and other fruits (kiwi, hawthorn). Common vegetable juice raw materials include tomatoes, spinach, carrots, etc.



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Juicing: It is a key link in the production of fruit and vegetable juice. After the raw materials are crushed and beaten, they must undergo pre-juice extraction, and then enter the juice extraction and extraction process. The juice yield of fruits and vegetables depends on the type, variety, texture, freshness, maturity, juice extraction method, and juice extraction efficiency of the raw materials. The juice yield is also affected by the extrusion pressure, the degree of crushing of fruits and vegetables, the thickness of the extrusion layer, the pre-drainage, the extrusion temperature and time, and the extrusion speed. In juice extraction, the ratio of the amount of juice obtained to the total weight of the original pulp is often used to express the juice yield. In the extraction method, the ratio of the amount of soluble solids obtained to the total content of soluble solids is also used to indicate the juice yield.


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Production process

① Raw material pretreatment (selection, cleaning, crushing, heat treatment, enzyme treatment, etc.).

② Juicing-clarification and filtration (clarified juice), or beating-homogenized and degassed (turbid juice).

③ Concentration-concentrated juice, or raw juice.

④ Sterilization, filling, cooling and finished products.


Production of fruit and vegetable powder

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①Spray drying powder
It is a powder made from concentrated fruit and vegetable juice or raw juice through spray drying; or a powder made from fresh fruit, freeze-dried fruit, and dried fruit through extraction and concentrated spray drying.
Advantages: The products made by this method generally have good water solubility, and can be customized according to flavor requirements with different tastes, or composite fruit and vegetable powder, that is, no added powder or added powder.
Disadvantages: Because a certain proportion of auxiliary materials will be added during the spray drying process, and there is no uniform and absolute standard for product quality on the market, the product quality is uneven, and a hundred schools of thoughts are common. Because of the large-scale use of flavors and pigments, integrity is lacking and authenticity is difficult. Discrimination, leading to customers’ distrust of the product, and difficulty in choosing.


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②Freeze dried fruit powder
Freeze-dried fruit powder is fast frozen and dehydrated in vacuum ice state, which preserves the original color, fragrance, taste, nutritional content and the appearance of the original material, and has good rehydration without any additives, which is ideal Natural health food.
Production process: raw material selection → cleaning and pelletizing → pre-freezing → sublimation drying → crushing and sieving → packaging.
Advantages: It avoids the defects of discoloration, taste change, large nutrient loss, poor rehydration caused by traditional dehydration methods, keeps the original color, fragrance, taste, nutrient composition, etc. unchanged, light weight, and can be stored at room temperature.
Disadvantages: poor water solubility and expensive.


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③Dehydrated vegetable powder
Dehydrated vegetable powder is a product made by washing and drying fresh vegetables to remove most of the water in the vegetables. Dehydrated vegetable powder is divided into two processes: freeze-drying and drying.
Drying production process: raw material selection → washing, cutting, blanching → cooling, draining → hot air drying → crushing and screening → sorting and packaging.
Advantages: the original color and nutrient components remain basically unchanged, easy to store and transport, and can effectively adjust the demand of the off-peak and peak seasons. When eating, immerse it in water to restore the original color and flavor.

Disadvantages: poor water solubility and narrow application range.
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